Institute Introduction
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Institute of Materials Modification and Modelling (MMM)is established by Prof. JianShen Pan in 1950s, which is initially a metal heat treatment lab of Materials department of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The institute now focuses on the simulations of temperature, phase transition, density, fluid and electromagnetic coupling in the complicated heat treatment. It pioneers in improving heat treatment processes of advanced materials, designing a new generation of heat treatment equipment with the aid of simulation techniques, developing intelligent control of heat treatment processes. The recent interests of institute include multi-scale simulation of microstructure and mechanical behavior and simulation thermal properties and so on. There are 1 fellow, 2 professors, 5 assistant professors and 2 post doctors in MMM. 

Research highlight

  • Microstructure evolution and characterization
  • Mechanical properties modeling and prediction Coupled simulation method
  • Design and optimization of process and equipment 
  • Intelligent control of process
  • Multi-scale simulation of microstructure and mechanical behavior
  • Simulation of atomic structure thermal properties


Research Projects:

  • Major State Basic Research Development Program (973 Programs): 3
  • National Science and Technology Major Project: 4
  • Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC): 4


Research achievements:

  • 1st prize of science and technology invention of Chinese ministry of education (2007)
  • Software development: thermal prophet (2010)

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